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Shelley's Kneedles & Knots, Acupuncture and Massage

Here at Shelley’s Kneedles & Knots we strive to provide a safe, comfortable, and relaxing atmosphere for all of our clients.  In order to ensure that we maintain a safe place for everyone, we are following the guidelines and recommendations from the World Health Organization and Public Health Officials.  We take standards of hygiene and cleanliness very seriously and are taking additional steps to ensure the safety of our clients, and therapists. 

Pre-Screening Questions Before Your Appointment:

Do you have a fever?

Do you have a cough?

Do you have a dry/sore throat?

Are you having trouble breathing?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions you may be able to receive your treatment but may be required to wear a mask.

For the time being, we will not be accepting cash or cheques; credit, debit, and e-transfer are the only accepted methods of payment.  (Our machines will be disinfected between every use.)

 Transitioning to a return to the clinic is new for all of us, there will be a learning curve for everyone.  The following is a list of some of the new requirements/procedures we are implementing:

  • There will be new forms (a COVID-19 specific consent form, and a COVID-19 specific waiver) which you will be required to fill out prior to every treatment.
  • All forms will now be filled out electronically, prior to your treatment.
  • Your temperature will be recorded upon entering our clinic. If your temperature is 38C or higher you will be turned away.
  • You will now be required to keep your shoes on upon entering (you will be provided shoe covers)
  • You will also be required to sanitize or wash your hands upon entering and exiting our clinic
  • Masking will be optional for therapists and clients based on individual comfort levels. 
  • We are going to be continuing to lock the door in between patients, so we can continue to provide you with uninterrupted treatments.
  • Please come alone to your treatment if you are medically able to and are of age of consent.
  • If you are feeling unwell please contact your therapist and reschedule your appointment.  
  • We will not be providing any beverages at this point so please bring your own if you feel like you will require one.  
  • Please leave all unnecessary items in your vehicle (coats, bags, etc)

Shelley’s Kneedles and Knots has worked tirelessly to take steps to ensure your safety in our clinic.  

  1. We will be following all directives from Public Health Officials and follow the guidance of MTAS.
  2. We will be asking screening questions prior to each treatment
  3. We will be following the guidelines for environmental cleaning and disinfection of all contact areas between every client.
  4. There will be approved hand sanitizer and hand wash facilities available
  5. Therapists will wear PPE optionally based on their comfort level. (disposable surgical mask, protective eyewear/face shield, and apron/lab coat, gloves will be optional but know that the strictest hand-washing protocols will be followed.) If PPE is worn, it will be changed between every client (aprons changed, masks changed if they are touched, eye protection equipment will be also be sanitized).
  6. It will be recommended that therapists wear separate clothes to enter and exit clinic as they work in.
  7. Each therapist will be required to stay at home if they are sick.

In addition to these new guidelines for the clients and therapists there are also new protocols in our building:

  1. We have eliminated all high contact surfaces including the water cooler and beverage station, magazine stand, and candy dish.
  2. In between every client we will be changing linens, and sanitizing all pillows and bolsters.
  3. We will be sanitizing all of the following items between each client: door handles, light switches, taps, sinks, toilet seats and handles, wheelchair accessible bars, all soap/sanitizer dispensers, clothing bins, seating, oil/lotion bottles, shelving and any additional items in treatment rooms the client may have contacted.
  4. We will also be sanitizing all door frames, computers, keyboards, mouse, phones, square machines, laundry equipment and supplies, garbage cans, and any cupboard doors/countertops on a regular basis.
  5. We will be staggering our treatment times in order to allow for all the appropriate sanitizing to occur.

We understand that some of you may not feel comfortable returning to the clinic at this time and we hope that all of our new policies and procedures will make you feel confident in our commitment to keeping you safe and healthy while providing you with the highest standards of care in your treatments.  


  • It is important that you come to your appointments alone to help us stay on top of the rigorous sanitization standards.
  • As much as we would like to get everyone booked in immediately, we can not work 24/7 to ensure that happens.  Please be patient with us while we try to accommodate everyone as quickly as we can.
  • Your health and safety is our number one concern.  If your health is already compromised or considered high risk, you may want to consider wearing a mask to your treatment or waiting to book your appointment. 
  • You have been missed greatly, and we are thankful for your return. 
  • As happy as we are to see you please refrain from hugging your therapist.  Your presence is your hug.
  • Together we will make this return to work safe for everyone.  Thank you for doing your part! 

For the time being, we will not be accepting cash or cheques; credit, debit, and e-transfer are the only accepted methods of payment.  (Our machines will be disinfected between every use.)