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Shelley's Kneedles & Knots, Acupuncture and Massage

Massage  Provided by Shelley, Kari, Natasha, and Andrea

                30 minutes                                 $45

                45 minutes                                 $55

                60 minutes                                 $70

                90 minutes                                 $95    

Student Massage Provided by Eden

               As a student Eden is doing her practicum hours.  This means that Eden's treatments are for her learning benefit.  As such, her treatments are free of cost, aside from any token of gratuity you choose to leave for her.  Eden is excited to implement her knowledge, build her skills, and her clientele.  She will be staying on as a practicing therapist when her schooling is over. 

Ashiatsu   Provided by Natasha

               30 minutes                                  $45

               45 minutes                                  $55

               60 minutes                                  $70

                90 minutes                                 $95

Taping    Provided by Shelley

Included in treatment cost

Reapplication, no treatment                  $15

Purchase a roll 2” tape                          $25

Purchase a 4" roll                                 $ 42

 Acupuncture Provided by Shelley

                Initial                                    $75

                Subsequent                            $60

                Children (under 16 year)         $30

                With 60 minute massage        $130

CranioSacral Therapy  Provided by Shelley   $60

Reiki- provided by Terry

                 60 minute                               $60

All Reflexology and Pedicure services are provided by Charlene

Reflexology     (Initial - 90 minutes)             $75  

Reflexology     (Subsequent - 75 minutes)     $60

Signature Pedicure - Begin your signature pedicure relaxing your feet in a warm foot soak.  Enjoy a warm towel wrap, cuticle work and nail shaping followed by extensive callus removal.  Your feet will feel rejuvenated with an invigorating foot and leg exfoliation using a nonabrasive scrub followed by a moisture surge selected to meet the needs of your feet.  Relax during an extremely hydrating foot and leg massage, finishing with a three-step polish and  nail decals of your choice!   75 min- $60     

Total Foot Care- Great for men and women.  This includes trimming of the toenails, nail thinning (if needed), cuticle work, nail shaping and callus removal. You will enjoy a nonabrasive foot scrub and finish off with a rejuvenating moisture surge, selected to meet the needs of your feet, to hydrate and protect the skin.           60 min- $50  

Nail Care- This includes a warm foot soak, trimming and filing of the toenails and finishes with a refreshing moisture surge to hydrate and protect the skin.       45 min-$40

Heel & Callus Care - For clients that have problems with excess callus or cracks on their feet.  This includes a warm foot soak, callus removal and a soothing moisture surge to hydrate and protect the skin.     45 min - $40