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Shelley's Kneedles & Knots, Acupuncture and Massage

Massage  Provided by Shelley, Kari, Natasha, Eden and Andrea

                30 minutes                                 $50

                45 minutes                                 $60

                60 minutes                                 $80

                90 minutes                                 $105  


Ashiatsu   Provided by Natasha

               30 minutes                                  $50

               45 minutes                                  $60

               60 minutes                                  $80

                90 minutes                                 $105

Taping    Provided by Shelley

Included in treatment cost

Reapplication, no treatment                  $15

Purchase a roll 2” tape                          $25

Purchase a 4" roll                                 $ 42

 Acupuncture Provided by Shelley

                Initial                                    $80

                Subsequent                            $65

                Children (under 16 year)         $35

                With 60 minute massage        $145

CranioSacral Therapy  Provided by Shelley   $75

Reiki- provided by Terry

                 60 minute                               $60

All Reflexology and Pedicure services are provided by Charlene

Reflexology     (Initial - 90 minutes)             $75  

Reflexology     (Subsequent - 75 minutes)     $60

Signature Pedicure - Begin your signature pedicure relaxing your feet in a warm foot soak.  Enjoy a warm towel wrap, cuticle work and nail shaping followed by extensive callus removal.  Your feet will feel rejuvenated with an invigorating foot and leg exfoliation using a nonabrasive scrub followed by a moisture surge selected to meet the needs of your feet.  Relax during an extremely hydrating foot and leg massage, finishing with a three-step polish and  nail decals of your choice!   75 min- $60     

Total Foot Care- Great for men and women.  This includes trimming of the toenails, nail thinning (if needed), cuticle work, nail shaping and callus removal. You will enjoy a nonabrasive foot scrub and finish off with a rejuvenating moisture surge, selected to meet the needs of your feet, to hydrate and protect the skin.           60 min- $50  

Nail Care- This includes a warm foot soak, trimming and filing of the toenails and finishes with a refreshing moisture surge to hydrate and protect the skin.       45 min-$40

Heel & Callus Care - For clients that have problems with excess callus or cracks on their feet.  This includes a warm foot soak, callus removal and a soothing moisture surge to hydrate and protect the skin.     45 min - $40

NanoFlex by Fuzion - Do you suffer from lifted, unsightly or damaged toenails? NanoFlex is a revolutionary toenail reconstructive gel containing NanoSIlver.  This product is made specifically for toenails.  45 min - $40

B/S Brace - Do you suffer from painful, ingrown or involuted toenails? The B/S Brace is a corrective magnetic toenail brace.  The B/S Brace requires a separate appointment from a pedicure. 45 min $40 for 1 brace or $60 for 2 braces

Holistic Nutrition

Initial Package: $199.00

  • Includes 60 minute initial consultation
  • One 30 minute follow up
  • Customized meal plan with recipes and a grocery list

All prices are subject to GST

All prices are subject to change without notice